Counselor's Corner

Often parents ask me questions about my job as counselor. Some parents are concerned if their child goes to talk to the counselor. My job has several parts. I talk with students as whole classrooms, as small groups, and as individuals. I also coordinate different achievement testing throughout the school year.

Several times each year I will go into a child's classroom and talk to the entire class about such topics as self-esteem, respect, making friends, and making good choices. At times I will talk to a student individually. Perhaps a best friend has moved away or a family member has died. Perhaps there is a new baby in the family. Many factors can influence how a child feels. The counselor's office is just a place to come and talk about things, and hopefully leave feeling better.

Some parents are afraid there is a serious problem if their child has spoken to the counselor. Nothing could be further from the truth. We encourage students to think of the counselor as a friend who will listen. A counselor's job is mostly hugs, smiles, guidance, and encouraging words.

If there is any time I can be of help to your child, please feel free to call me at 323-1143 ext 2109.

Harvetta Reddix