Parent's Corner

In order to promote to 9th grade,the 8th grade students MUST attain one of the following achievement levels  on the 2011-12 LEAP:

  • Score "Basic" or above on both ELA and Math
  • Score at least one "Basic" in either ELA or Math and "Approaching Basic" on the other

 In addition, the students must meet all other promotional requirements (promote academically and meet attendance requirements).  Any 8th grade student scoring an "Unsatisfactory" in either ELA or math MUST attend LEAP summer school and retake the subject(s) failed.

    • Monroe City School System's Promotional Policy  (7th and 8th grades)

      A student must pass English, mathematics, and reading and either science or social studies.  Students must also pass an elective or physical education.

      Math, English, and reading are the three subjects that must be passed.  Failure of either of these alone is reason for retention .
    • In addition, 8th grade students must pass the required sections of the LEAP.