7th grade

 - Participate in school activities such as music or sports.

- Be active in clubs if you have the opportunity.

- Keep doing your homework!

- Begin thinking about career options that interest you.

- Talk with your parents about career possibilities.

- Be at school every day, on time, and work hard to get good grades.

- Try your best to do well on the leap 2025 states test.


8th grade


- Take the EXPLORE test- an assessment offered by your school that does not count against you but is uses as a guidance tool to prepare you for the LEAP test and for high school....for more information visit www.actstudent.org/explore.

- Create your LAEPORTAL account with your counselor.

- Visit www.LAEPORTAL.com often to explore college and career choices.

- Continue to develop good study habits and organizational skills.

- Keep doing your homework-homework is practice and practice makes perfect !

- Keep working hard to get good grades....It is important that you do well in ALL of your subjects, not just in your favorites, so you will get off to a good start in high school.

- Create your 5-year plan with your counselor.

- Begin thinking about your education beyond high school.

- Familiarize yourself with high school graduation requirements nad TOPS requirements and college admission requirements.

- Talk with your parents about future plans.

- Learn about financial aid opportunites that can help you pay for college.

- Try your best to do well on the LEAP 2025 state test.

- Strive to be the kind of student that colleges would want to offer scholarship monies to!