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 WELCOME!! Thank you for visiting my page today. We are making changes in the library this year. We got new tables and are in the process of replacing the shelves. It makes the library look a whole lot better and it makes it better for the students. 


The Accelerated Reader program has been put into action again this year. It's advantages are far too many to list here, however, the biggest one is to help all students reach on grade level reading skills. Weekly prizes are awarded in every class along with daily drawings from these classes. At the end of the nine weeks we will have a celebration for all students who have reached his/her goal with at least 90% correct. But the biggest prize is improving reading skills and levels.


BullPup Belles are moving along for this year. We have 17 girls on the line and they are working very well together. We have a very diverse group with lots of fabulous talent. We look forward to a very successful year.


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