Bullpup Robotics

Hello World!

Robotics is now a part of the CJH Electives.The course will be facilitated by Mrs.Cole. The course will include designing, building, and programming robots. The VEX IQ, VRC, and Lego Mindstorms will be used. We also travel and compete in the VEX IQ and RARC Competitions. Experienced students will have the chance to compete with our new VEX EDR systems. 

Robotics is a part of the STEM initiative.
STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  
In Robotics, students are able to apply lessons from Math and Science to build and program robots. It is our plan to use Robotics to increase students awareness and pursuit of STEM careers. 

For Information regarding VEX Robotics click here

For Lego Mindstorm, click here

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