Kristal Horne Cole

Dear Parents,

Thank you for entrusting me with your student. I am one of the 7th Grade Mathematics teachers at Carroll Junior. The curriculum in this class is based on the Louisiana State Standards a derivative of the Common Core State Standards

The Eureka Math workbook and lessons are used to develop students; problem solving skills and encourage a deeper thought process. Students are expected to solve mathematical problems using the rules and procedures learned throughout the years. It is also required that students be able to express their thought process and prove solutions verbally and written. 

Seventh grade students will be assessed this year using the iLEAP 

It is my goal as an educator to help prepare students not only for the year-end assessment but for life.  Students are challenged to relate mathematical skills and procedures to every-day life. 

Because of the change in curriculum and standards it is very important that parents touch base with students and teachers weekly. Please partner with me so that together we can help children achieve and receive the best educational experience. 

Please visit the Useful Links for sites that will help students practice concepts & skills. 

Kristal Horne Cole