How to Help With Your Child's Learning & Homework

Your child will probably have homework on most nights.  If you notice that you child is never doing homework, ask questions to find out why.  There are things you can do that will help your child do assigned homework and that result in learning.

Communicate with your child about school.  This includes talking to him/her about friends, activities, and assignments.

Show enthusiasm about school and homework.

Set realistic goals for your child, and then focus on one at a time.

Help your child get organized.  Break down assignments into smaller, more manageable parts.  Set out needed items (clothes, homework, permission slips, etc.) the night before to avoid last-minute rushing around in the morning.

Provide a quiet study corner in your home complete with paper, markers, a ruler, pencils, and a dictionary.

Never do your child's homework!

Check with your child's teacher about correcting homework.

Expect, and praise genuine progress and effort.  An opinion:  don't praise or otherwise reward your child for doing what you and he know is expected.  This practice leads you down a slippery slope, often with bad consequences.

Be specific when you do praise something.

Focus on your child's strengths in school.

Build associations between what is taught and what your child already knows and understands.

Incorporate concrete materials and examples whenever possible.  Try to help your child learn about the subject in more than one way, using as many senses as possible.