Hints To Support Your Child's Learning

Encourage learning at home.

Demonstrate that education is important and talk with your child about school work.

Stress that good grades take hard work.

Establish daily homework routines, and find a regular time and place for homework.

Provide good nutrition, and encourage ample exercise and sleep.  Alert minds rely on healthy bodies.

Limit television viewing.  When your child watches television, help make it a learning experience. 

Discuss what you are watching, and connect it to school work.

Encourage and participate with your child in "hands-on" activities (board games, arts and crafts, etc.)

Encourage your child to read from various sources.  Help your child look up words in a dictionary or use other reference materials, such as encyclopedias or the Internet.

Praise your child's efforts and successes in school.

Make yourself available to assist with your child's homework, but do not do the work for him/her.

Check your child's homework for accuracy.  You can catch problem areas and provide explanations and assistance.

Encourage your child to organize thoughts.  Have your child begin every writing assignment with an outline of major ideas.

Encourage children to always re-check for mistakes.