Welcome to Integrated Science.  

I will post information to this page for our class lectures weekly.  Homework will also be included on those pages.  Simply follow the link to the left for the day you need.

Integrated Science encompasses class periods 1, 2, 7, and 8.  There will be a grade weekly although it may not be a test.  The grading scale for these classes is:

A = 93 – 100      
B = 85 – 92      
C = 75 – 84      
D = 74 – 67      
F = 66 and below

Students that miss tests due to unexcused absences will be pulled from their PE or elective classes by Coach Boxley to make them up on the day they return to school.   Please feel free to check the pages associated with the dates missed to view the work for that day.  Don't forget that PUPS will be randomly included on assessments.  You should have placed your graded PUPS test sheet in your notebook. Review it weekly.

There is a Useful Links link to the left that contains helpful sites for this and other science classes.  Check it out when you need help.

We will go to the Science Lab and have a computer day weekly.  If you (or your student if you are a parent) are not following the safety rules of the lab or breaking the equipment and materials you will be given an alternate assignment.  If the majority of a class is exhibiting this behavior, the entire class will be given an alternate assignment.  The safety rules and attire are not negotiable.  They must be followed and worn to keep you safe.  Also, the equipment in the lab can be expensive and the materials can be dangerous when mishandled.  

I look forward to having a fun productive year exploring the world around us with you!