Cynthia Hanson

Welcome!      ESL Worksheets: National Teacher Week - A Letter to Mrs. Beard

My name is Cynthia Hanson.

I teach 8th grade English language arts - reading lab and creative writing at Carroll Jr. High. 
I have taught for 18 years, 5 of these years have been spent at Carroll Jr.

         It's that time again... BACK TO SCHOOL! I am so excited to be teaching your child's reading and English classes this year. I love literature and writing. It is my hope that my passion for these subjects will spark your child's interest in reading and writing and give your student a renewed motivation to read and write.

        This year, I have planned numerous fun-filled adventures (lessons) to share with your student. In our 8th grade reading lab and creative writing classes, we will read, analyze, and compare various forms of literature. Also, our classes will be filled with the application of writing and grammar skills. Students will combine these skills to create their own original stories, analyses, poetry, arguments, and projects pertaining to the module of study. 

          Although reading and writing appear to be self-involved subjects, students in this class will find it to be more social, because learning is social. However, for students to get the most out of their learning environment, the following rules and procedures must be followed.

     1. Check out an A.R. book from the library and keep it in the backpack. This can be read when you finish class assignments. 

     2. On-going homework: Read A.R. book every night for 20 minutes. (You must read a chapter book every two weeks and pass an A.R. test to meet the school goal.) Also, complete and review vocabulary foldables each night.

     3. If students have been absent from my class for any reason, they can find make-up work on the website, Study Island.

   4. Class Rules:

  P - prepare for success

  U - use common sense

  P - put safety first
  S - show respect

By following these rules, your child will experience a positive learning atmosphere.

       5. School supplies:

  * 2 composition notebooks

  * 1 folder with prongs and paper

  * pencils

  * colored pencils, highlighters

       If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at (318) 387-1825 or e-mail me at
I look forward to working with you and your child this year.

                                                                      Cynthia Hanson