9/8/17 Cell to City analogy

View the demo then based on what you just observed (Cell Size and Scale Demo) draw what you believe the inside of a cell looks like.  Label and briefly describe any parts of the cell that you include in your drawing.

Now, create an analogy between a cell and a city in your groups by matching the organelle with an analogous city structure or person.

Finally, view the webpage and create a word analogy using the following organelles:
nucleus, cell membrane, mitochondria, vacuole, and lysosome.

Homework: Over the weekend, create a new annotated drawing (like the one done at the beginning of class) based on the information you discovered today.  Compare/contrast your new drawing with your old drawing and describe what helped you from today's lesson.  You may also like to visit the website https://ed.ted.com/on/faPe3PZf to explore more about cells.