9/5/17 Cells

Today we will explore bacteria and prokaryotes.  Something you may not know is that all bacteria are prokaryotes but not all prokaryotes are bacteria.  That is the main focus of our lesson today.  

Please write your name and email address on the sheet of paper in preparation for Google Classrooms being up and running correctly.  This will greatly reduce the amount of paper we deal with on a weekly basis.  Also, get out your notes from the 4 articles we read Thursday and Friday.  We will be using them today.

Next, complete the KWL chart that I provided to you.  At this point, you should only complete the K and W columns.  We will return to the L column before the end of class.  We will then watch a BrainPOP video and take a short quiz immediately after the video to assess understanding.  Now it is time to complete the L column of your KWL chart.  

Finally, complete the Prokaryote coloring sheet that requires you to find evidence from the text in order to answer the questions.  Be sure to color according to the instructions in the text.  

Homework: Complete the Exit Ticket.  Be sure to support your response using your facts from the articles, KWL, and Coloring sheet.