9/6/17 Eukaryotes vs Prokaryotes

Read the article focusing on why the author would write this article.

In the lab we will prepare a wet mount microscope slide by adding 1 drop of water to the center of a microscope slide, placing the sample in the drop of water gently, then sliding a microscope cover over the drop of water carefully.  View your slide under one of the microscopes on 10x power and model what you see in your notebook.  Do this quickly as we all need to use the microscopes.

When you have sketched the microscope slides into your notebook, move to the front of the room and view the Two Types of Cells powerpoint 
while taking Cornell Notes in your notebook.  
View the website found here including watching the videos at the bottom before completing the post-read worksheet.

Homework: Create a Venn Diagram, t-chart, or Double-Bubble map comparing and contrasting prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.  Use words such as unicellular, multicellular, membrane bound organelles, nucleus, bacteria, animal cell and plant cell.