9/7/17 Organelles Part 1

Complete a bridge map correlating mitochondria to a furnace and share with your table explaining why you completed it that way.  

View the picture, write down 5 observations from the picture into your notebook, and create a name for the picture. Then share your observations and name with 2 other people using the "Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up" strategy.  3 student responses will be added to the SmartBoard for students to see.  
Next, we will view a short video on the Levels of Organization. 
Then you will organize vocabulary words into a flow map in your groups. 
Now, read and view other videos on this website and answer the following questions: 


1. What are the levels of organization of the human body?

2. Which type of tissue covers the surface of the body?

3. What are the functions of the skeletal system?

4. Which organ system supports the body and allows it to move?

5. Explain how form and function are related in human cells. Include examples.

6. Compare and contrast epithelial and muscle tissues. 

Rearrange your flow map when you are finished answering the questions.

Finally, CLOSE read The Invisible Disease That's Killing Our Son, an article about mitochondrial disease and answer a set of text dependent questions. This will be completed as part of the homework assignment if not completed in class.

Homework: Write a mitochondrial disease letter on behalf of the Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and mitoAction explaining mitochondrial disease, the science behind the disease, and citing evidence from the text.  Use the included Letter Layout and Flow map to help you write your letter and the included rubric to determine if you have accurately completed the task.  These will be graded using the rubric.  They are due tomorrow.  This task should take no longer than 30 min.