Rube Goldberg Machine Intro

Rube Goldberg Machine Inspiration
Need some information/inspiration to get you thinking about the Rube Goldberg machine you will be building.  Here are a few websites to check out.

AP Physics Rube Goldberg Machine Instructions
Catapult Page
Instructables - Purdue 2011
DaVinci Catapult

Start gathering materials.  Nothing may be purchased for this project. Everything must be recycled or re-purposed. Some items you might like to start collecting now include: rolling things (marbles, ping-pong balls, golf balls, etc), empty tubes (toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper, or pringles cans), empty cans (soda and food), rod shaped things (toothpicks, dowels, straws, etc), old toys, dominoes, boxes, cardboard, mouse traps, building blocks, binder clips, paper clips, springs, fast food cups, etc.  I will provide tape, paper, glue, staples, and a few other surprises.  You will have all the vertical space between the floor and the ceiling to build your machine.  You may not at any time touch in any way (even accidentally) another team's project.  This will result in very stiff point penalties for your team.  Be aware of your feet and belongings at all times.  
We will not start this machine right away as there will be some information you need to play with before you begin your build.
More to come after the Christmas Holidays!