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 WELCOME!! Thank you for visiting my page today. It's hard to believe we are almost half way through the school year. But right after Christmas break is the end of the second nine weeks - two down and two to go!  I hope you take time to visit all of the teacher pages to see what is going on in your child's classes and to check on grades.


The Accelerated Reader program had an end of the nine weeks celebration for everyone who reached his/her AR goal with at least 90% correct by serving ice cream sundaes and drawing for a TUB FULL OF PRIZES!! The winner was Macario Walker - congratulations Macario!! After we return from Christmas, we will have another celebration with nachos being served this time. I will continue to pass out Top Reader awards, Point Club awards, and other small treats daily.   I did an early birds drawing for a "Guiness Book of World Records". Indya Williams was the luck recipient! Please encourage your child/children to READ, READ, READ - not just for the fabulous rewards in the library, but for the love of learning and for the benefits of improving reading skills!


BullPup Belles are raising money, learning new routines, preparing for competition in Lafayette, and just working hard all around. We are looking forward to bringing home some more trophies from competition! But more than that, we are so excited about a great team! A great big THANK YOU goes out to our parents who help us keep this line at its best! And a special THANK YOU always goes out to A'Kai Solmone for her hard work and more importantly the values that she teaches our girls with leading by example.


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