What's Happening in Math 7

 **Each night students may have homework if assignments are not completed in class. This includes the Eureka Math Problem Sets & Algebra Readiness Handouts. Please check your student's homework folder for assignments each night. **

2nd 9 Weeks 
We ended Module 3 - Expressions & Equations.
Continue to work with your student to master expressions and equations, solving one & 2 -step equations, solving inequalities, and writing expressions in standard and expanded form. 

November 6  Week 4 
We started on Module 1 - Ratios & Proportions. 
Students can understand the following terms: Ratio, Rate, Unit Rate, Proportional, Non-Proportional, Constant of Proportionality. 

Students can write a ratio and equivalent ratios. 
Students can write a rate and reduce it to a unit rate. 
Students can decide if ratios are proportional.

August  14   Week 1 - Procedures, Expectations, and Introduction to Integers
Students received a Student-Parent-Teacher Contract that should have been returned by Monday August 21st. 

August 21  Week 2 - Adding & Subtracting Rational Numbers
Students learn terms such as absolute value, opposites, and integers. Students also developed and practiced skills for adding integers and moving along the number line. Students are tested on this concept in week 3 

To subtract integers correctly, students will need to practice and master adding integers. Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers is included in the this week's lesson. Students are tested on this concept on Friday along with skills from the previous week(s). 

August 28  Week 3 - Concluding Adding & Subtracting Rational Numbers, Assessment, Diagnostic. 
Students will complete the final lesson(s) on Adding & Subtraction Rational Numbers. Students will review lessons 1 - 8. Students will complete assessment this week. 

Also, LEAP 360 Diagnostic will be administered this week along with the Renaissance STAR pre-Assessment.