PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports)

Carroll Junior High has a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports or PBIS system in place. We begin our school year teaching expectations, routines, and procedures in each classroom. Our expectations for PBIS are as follows:

PUPS is the acronym as we are the Bull Pups:

P - Prepare for success in education every day
U - Use common sense in making decisions
P - Put safety first
S - Show respect

We have specific guidelines for each expectation for the various locations on campus. They include hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, gym, library, and bus pick up area - with rules pertaining to that particular location.

The adults on campus give rewards called event cards as students are caught being good. These are passes that can be used by the student for one of four rewards: a library pass, a bathroom pass, homework pass or skip to the front of the line. When cashed in the cards are placed into a weekly drawing - if chosen the student receives free concession and the teacher who gave the reward receives a blue jean day.

At the end of the nine weeks period, students have the opportunity to have earned a "VISA" card. This is based upon the number of refocus forms and tardies that a student has received for the nine weeks. If a student has zero, they have earned a GOLD VISA, one of either/each, they have earned a BLUE VISA, and two of either/each they will earn a WHITE VISA. These cards give student leveled privileges and prizes. Any student with an office referral or more that four absences during the current nine weeks will not be given any level of VISA.

When a student chooses to disobey or not live up to the expectations, we created a refocus form for the student fill out. The student is asked to go to the refocus center and fill out this form. The hope is that the form will allow the student to see which expectation they are not following and to correct the behavior. When the student fills out the refocus form, they are allowed to resume class and the teacher will have a conference with the student during that class period. Should the student continue with this behavior or move onto another, the same process will happen but during the conference the student will be warned of what will happen if this type of behavior continues. After a parent conference and four refocus forms, the student will receive an office referral.